The creative endeavour – A newsletter by, me.

What is, the creative endeavour? It’s that thing that exists in all of us. To think, to dream, to create something from nothing.

We are all creative, it’s not something given to a select group, it’s within us all to think about our role in the creative space. The arts are what make us human so as humans we all get a say in what is creative, and we all get a chance to showcase our journey – whatever our medium.

The endeavour is the chase, it’s the relentless act of not giving up. It is what keeps the fire lit, deep within our bellies and the thing that makes us glow when we can channel it into something.

We are all empowered with the creative endeavour, we just may not know that we are.

The weekly newsletter is a quick and easy read and it’s about the journey I’m in and other creatives are in (that could be anyone – maybe you!) and how we get inspired, what drives us and even what to look out for.